Saturday, June 27, 2015

21 Days to Go

It's coming so quickly!   And I'm not prepared!   We are remembering things that need to be done and are rushing to get them done in time.  I've always said that if you want to go somewhere and you're afraid for whatever reason - just book the ticket.  You will be forced to figure things out!  

When they first announced the Special Conventions and said Tallinn, Estonia, I almost screamed out loud.   Maybe I did scream a little.  I was so excited at just the possibility of attending!

After reading the 2011 Yearbook, I wanted to visit Estonia.  I had to meet these people.  I bought a travel book and planned a trip across Scandinavia, ending with a long weekend in Tallinn.  Once we calculated the cost, we sadly determined we would go "one day" and put the book on the shelf.  

That book is well worn now.  

It is hard to believe it is actually happening.  I hoped to visit the hall and to go in service on my trip, but instead I get to invite ones to attend the special convention!  It's like being a part of history!  Being able to tour the Remote Translation Office (and museum) is exciting, as well.  Learning how the brothers maintained under ban will be so faith strengthening.  

We have so much to do in 3 short weeks!  Must pack!

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