Tuesday, June 2, 2015

45 Days to Go!

We are so excited and nervous!   I am a natural worrier, and I am trying hard to not be anxious.  I have not been overseas in over a decade, and I realize that things have changed.   I'm just so afraid I won't know something important and will make a huge mistake!  I am reading every website, blog, and book I can get my hands on.  The branch has set up a blog to inform us about the exciting things to come.  I try to check it every day.  The photos of the smiling brothers and sisters warm my heart.  

We have everything ready to go!  I've even started packing a little.  I can't believe after all the waiting we leave NEXT month.  I don't even know how to ask "Where is the restroom?" in Estonian yet.  Guess I better get to studying!

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