Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day Eight- Saturday Convention

I'll try to keep this one short.  So much of today I can't share yet.

Barry felt a little better in the morning, but felt worse as the day went on.  The weather became extremely cold and windy.  

This is the view from our seat:

You can see all the spires and towers in the distance. A train line is behind us.

They have clocks to try to get us in our seats before the music starts, but the arena is so full and the lunch break is so short (1 hour) that 5 minutes isn't enough time!  
Here are some photos of the people we met:
They interviewed a couple we met at the RTO who now serve in Korea Bethel, but Estonia was their first foreign assignment.  Later they were in Congo and Hong Kong.   They said how hard it was to get a new assignment and have to pack and learn a new language but Jehovah helps them.

A sister from the Finland branch let me borrow a scarf when the cold air became too much for me.  (I'd put my raincoat up over my ears.) She left before the convention was over and insisted I keep the scarf when I tried to return it.  What love!  
Brother Noumair gave the final talk of the day!

On the bus ride back to the hotel I met a sister from Crimea- the state that was in Ukraine but was annexed by Russia in 2014 causing an international faux pas.  

An announcement was made at the convention that all delegates that were traveling to Russia afterwards should meet with the brothers for special instructions.  They announced that last week the NWT and were added to the list of "extremist" material in Russia.  That is like being put on a terrorist list!  Haven't they learned you can't stop Jehovah?  The new rules include bringing absolutely no literature inside the country and no items that say  I am glad we decided against visiting St Petersberg, but all our dear Russian brothers and sisters have to return to such horrible treatment while I go back to JW Broadcasting and my new Bible and all the literature I can download.  

We went to eat at a restaurant highly recommended by a local brother, and it was delicious.  

Barry had elk pot roast, which I snuck a bite of, and it was delicious, like beef.

My item was called "Crispy Chicken Chest".
After dinner we took a walk to find the oldest tower in Tallinn called Tall Herman by locals.
Then we made our way down to Old Town.

And look who we happened to run in to...
We asked Brother Noumair if Brother Jackson was okay, and he said Brother Jackson's father was gravely ill so he went to Australia to see him.  We sent our love.

Then, out of the blue, I saw Julia!
Sister Hunt had met Julia in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and exchanged our information.  We had been emailing each other trying to meet up this week, but my delegate schedule and her volunteer schedule were conflicting and I didn't think I would get to meet her.

What a spiritually upbuilding day!

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  1. I'm so happy for yall. These pics and posts have meant so much to me and my isolated, lonely self. I'm full of love for our Russian brothers and so much appreciation for being able to get the JW goodies so easily and freely here. Wow, unbelievable that you ran into your pen pal!!! Jehovah's spirit was with you and Barry on this trip. Its hot as "the world's hades" here, but I still can't imagine sitting in the cold for the regional....I'm impressed with you two.. unspoiled Americans. Much love and please come back safely!!! Take Barry to get an antibiotic shot in the butt as soon as he gets home! LOLOL!!!