Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day Five- Service and RTO

We took a bus to the Kingdom Hall in Rahumäe.  We were paired with Arne and Lorena, a newlywed pioneer couple.  

We worked apartment buildings 5 stories high (no elevators).  We had to use intercoms to get in, like we learned about in Our Kingdom Ministry a few months back.

I was nervous, but gave my little presentation in Estonian and was able to place an invitation!  So did Barry!  The morning was going good.  

Then a woman interrupted our work.  She spoke Russian, and I don't know what her issue was, but she started blocking our entrance to the door and was yelling at us.  

Eventually we left and found our husbands, and when we came back the lady was distracted by yelling on her cell phone (I hoped not to the police).  We snuck back in quickly to deliver the invitation, but she saw us exit the building.  She became extremely irate, and so we left.  She even took our picture as some sort of evidence.  It was very bizarre.

They said this was extreme, but even still, service at home is much easier.  I'm used to hearing no and seeing doors closed in my face, but there was an anger in some (not all) of the householders that was so different than the Bible Belt.  Many people here do not believe in God.  Even just wearing our convention badges around town that use the word Jesus, some locals give us a look that could kill.  

After service we toured the Estonia Remote Translation Office where they translate into Estonian, Estonian Sign Language, and Võru languages.  Our guide was named Siiri.

We took many funny pictures with old artifacts.

We even were deported to Siberia.

I was able to see where they edit video (they use Final Cut Pro on Mac!) and Barry was able to record a talk on old studio equipment and hear it played on an old radio.

We went to the School for Kingdom Evangelizers.  

Then there was an exhibit of an apartment during the ban.  They showed where literature could be hidden, and a hidden room where literature could be copied.  Some magazines were folded and stuffed into a hollowed out bar of soap or a table leg.  One book was sewn into a mathematics book cover.  

Then we saw Brother Silver Silliksaar (who I recognized from the Faithful Under Trials video) show us how he printed literature without even having access to proper equipment.  He used nylon dress fabric cut and soaked in wax & solvent.  It smelled terrible.  It dried quickly and then he typed out a page with a typewriter.  Then they could use the press to apply ink.  The holes where the typewriter punched out wax was how the ink was transferred to the page. 

Then the KGB came and arrested Brother Silliksaar.  

But Barry converted them!  
We received the best gift!

We spent the evening at a Russian restaurant.  We had stroganoff and a beef stew.  

Then we took a walk around Toompea, the big hill in Old Town.  

We ran into some great new friends like the Mendez sisters from Delaware.

We even met a sister from Barry's Tacoma Fern Hill Congregation.  Small world!

We even saw Marlene again!

We have met so many happy Russian brothers.  The government has deemed our literature as extremist and the brothers have not had access to new literature since May.  They are downloading new literature to their tablets and phones and are so happy just to have the new magazines.  I hope they get a special surprise at the convention.  

I have to end it here, as I am overwhelmed by all the amazing things I've seen today!


  1. This was the best day ever!!!! Joshy said he wishes he was with yall. We laughed at the pic of you and barry in the yellow motor scooter thingy. How exciting to experience reenacting some of the things our brothers have gone through. And once again, you look so beautiful in all your pics. You and Barry look like you've fallen in love again. I absolutely adored every single pic!!! Thank you so much for sharing and the food looks scrumptious!!!

  2. I've read through this twice. WOW is all I can say! What blessings you two are enjoying!! I'm so happy for you!