Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day Four: Museum and Kadriorg Palace

We had a free morning with no tours, so we took a city bus to see the Museum of the Occupations.  

It was a small museum with artifacts from the years Estonia was occupied by Russia, then Nazi Germany, then USSR.  

The statues of the former Soviet leaders now frame the entrance to the restrooms!

Afterwards we had lunch at another medieval restaurant, this one specializing in elk meat soup and savory pastries stuffed with meat or vegetables.  They are sort of like a hot pocket, except they taste good and don't burn your mouth.  

We joined the brothers for a tour and they brought us to an Open Air Museum, which is a Scandinavian tradition of preserving old buildings by keeping them together in a museum.  The brothers and sisters were dressed in old-timey clothes and were playing accordions and fiddles.  

We had a snack (more Estonian hot pockets) and then we went out to the open field by the Gulf of Finland and played Estonian games.  

We made lovely Estonian friends!

Then we toured the Kadriorg- the summer palace of Czar Peter the Great.  We wanted to stay longer as the palace, art, and gardens were magnificent.  

There is a smell here I can't describe.  It's like a tree I don't know, or an herb I'm not familiar with.  It is quite sweet and lovely.

The people I've come across speak Estonian, Finnish, or Russian.  Most who speak Estonian or Finnish also speak English.  Most Russians do not speak English, sadly, as Russian was far too difficult for me to learn.  Our little Estonian phrases always get smiles of approval.  It hasn't been too difficult with language issues.  

We had dinner at an Estonian country restaurant.  Barry ordered a knuckle of pork.  Even with Barry's appetite he couldn't finish it.  

We ran into friends on the street, some only speaking Russian, and we communicated in signs and hellos and smiles.  

The McDonald's has things on their menu I've never heard of, such as a chicken Big Mac!

What a lovely day in Tallinn! 


  1. Beautiful pictures. I am so glad you guys are enjoying it. You already sound more relaxed in your narration. So, the vacation is working!!!! Love you!!!