Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day Nine- Special Convention Sunday

They had warned us about rain.  I put on my lined raincoat, packed 2 stadium umbrellas, and wrapped up in my new scarf.  

It felt like it was in the 50s with a cold Artic breeze smacking us in the face, along with a downpour.  We found seats up top that were protected from rain, but not the wind.  Barry had a cold and I was developing one.  

After lunch the rain stopped, and the temperature increased.  The wind never stopped.

During the last talk, Bro Noumair made a great point about Jehovah being a chess master.  He can see all the possible outcomes.  So if Satan takes a pawn here and there- don't worry!  Jehovah is ten moves ahead of him.  

Unfortunately the arena and surrounding neighborhood sustained a power outage during the last video, so we didn't get to see it.  

There were signs held up after the convention.

The Russian brothers sang us out of the arena.

As our bus left, the local brothers and sisters waved goodbye to us.  

We ran into two Russian sisters who spoke a little English and joined them for dinner at a Russian cafeteria with several Russian speaking brothers and sisters from many countries.  They showed us a secret portal where they can still access the website.   They remove the covers off of the literature and place it anyways.  They said if you are caught with multiple pieces of literature, it means intent to distribute, and is a $5000 fine.  I feel better knowing they are still getting their literature.  

We took a walk into Old Town and did a little shopping.  

We ran into the brother who did much of the translating into Estonian for the convention.

Around 10:00 we walked into Town Square and there were witnesses in a circle singing together.  It drew everyone towards the circle.  There must have been at least a hundred of us singing kingdom songs together, in English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, and probably many other languages.  

Tourists and locals would walk up and ask who this singing group was.  A great public witness was given.  It was a spectacle!

It was a spiritual paradise, as we filled Old Town Tallinn with our joyous brothers and sisters.  No one wanted to leave.  The hospitality we received was overwhelming and indescribable.  I am forever changed.  There are not words to describe how this experience affected me.  Everyone worked so hard to make this week so enjoyable.  I learned so much about putting your trust in Jehovah despite what Satan throws at us.

We made it home, and we will try our hardest to keep this joy in our hearts forever.  


  1. What a special trip you got to enjoy!

  2. What beautiful ending to the best blog I've ever read. The sight of all of yall singing was a glimpse into the future for me. We are a mighty nation and I'm so happy to be a member. Jehovah has the prettiest and the sweetest children!!!!