Friday, July 24, 2015

Days Six & Seven: Old Town and Convention Friday

We didn't take many photos the past 2 days, but I took incredible video that I can share in a few months.

On Thursday we did a tour of Old Town Tallinn.  It is so beautiful here and so old. 

The lower town was built by German merchants who formed a union.  They would trade with the local population.  They built large warehouses to store their goods.  There must have been a little bit of animosity because the locals built a gate between their town and the German's town and they locked it at night.  

Then we went shopping.  There are many shops and markets that sell wool products, such as scarves, mittens, and hats.  

Flax linen products are also popular.  Russian nesting dolls (matryoshka) are everywhere.  

Our evening gathering was something to be remembered.  We had Estonian, Ukrainian, and Russian entertainment.  Half of the delegates are Russian, and they became excited when the Russian music started.  I wish I had learned some Russian.  

From what I can understand, on July 14 the Russian government banned import of the NWT.  This is following the ban of other literature in May for being "extremist".  Access to has also been cut off.  Haven't they learned?  

I don't want to spoil the convention, but I will show the arena.  

We sat up top under the shade, but the wind was very cold.  Even the hardy locals were "freezing" and wrapped in scarves.  One brother we met couldn't wait to go home and get in his sauna.  

Our lunch was provided for us.  The sandwiches here are strange.  This one was made with a cold fried egg.    

Estonia generally has no water fountains, so jugs of water are set up for our use.  The bathroom situation is similar to home.

We heard Brother Jackson was supposed to be here but he was unable to come so we have Brother Noumair.  (He is often on JW Broadcast.)

Russian speaking are on one side of the arena, and English/Estonian on the other.  Estonia has more Russian congregations than Estonian!  Many on the Estonian side are US delegates or from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark- all listening to the English translation.  The Latvian sister next to me only had the Greek Scriptures NWT in Latvian.  

The translation is funny sometimes.  They keep using the word baptist for baptism, and since Estonian language has no "z", "zealous" comes out as "jealous".  

We had dinner with one of the Estonian brothers who gave his experience.  He is the only witness in his family.  He said he knew by the 3rd study that it was the truth, and he couldn't go back, even though his family was very set against him.

One experience strongly emphasized how important it was to let go of your family who do not believe in Jehovah.  

It is tough to be a witness here in atheistic Northern Europe.  You have to take a firm stand for Jehovah, and no one is accepting of your decision. You can't have your cake and eat it too.  They seem so happy about the truth here, though.  They don't look behind at all.  

We had some photo ops at the convention.  

The only down side to our trip is Barry came down with a cold and a fever today.  After eating German food for dinner, Barry felt a lot better and his fever was gone.  We couldn't find NyQuil, but locals suggested vodka.  We found an airplane sized tiny bottle of whiskey instead, and Barry fell right asleep!  

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  1. Awwww, our brothers and sisters! I loved the pictures. I hope Barry gets better and not worse. Y'all be safe. I love you, Andrea.