Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ten Days and Fly Away

I've had my fair share of people trying to dissuade me from going, which is a little surprising since I am going for a convention that Jehovah will surely bless.  I suppose they mean well, but I think my town is just as dangerous as anywhere else in the world.  Yes, Greece is in a financial crisis, ISIS is committing random acts of terrorism in Europe, and every one is certain that Eastern Europe is about to be invaded by armies.   What else is new?  I will be fine.  Even if the banks collapse, things blow up, and armies invade- I'll be fine.

I suppose it comes back to that "don't leave home" mentality, but I have a traveller's heart.  

Besides, I live in such an unsafe town that my doctor was car bombed (he lost an eye), the Walmart had a massive shoot out 5 years ago (with friends of mine barricaded inside), and it often makes the list of "Top Ten Most Dangerous American Cities".   I don't feel safe here, but I am completely comfortable with going to Estonia.  

Many people have asked me why I picked Estonia.  

In 1989 (the year the wall fell), we were building a Kingdom Hall.  A brother came several times to work on our plumbing before and after the build, and I don't remember his ethnicity (I was 9 years old and raised a witness and I didn't know what 'race' even meant), but he stayed at our home several times and was always a welcome guest.  Whenever Gorbachev was on the news giving a speech, as he so often did, this brother would translate it for us.  The news translated it, of course, but when Brother Nick translated it- it was vivid in description.  I was fascinated.  

Growing up during the Cold War, I knew about the struggles our brothers were facing there.  We prayed for our brothers.  When they were no longer under ban, we were just as excited as if it had happened to us!  

I remember reading a magazine article about the Estonian brothers and seeing photos of their happy faces.  

I remember watching one of our VHS video that showed Tallinn.  

I suppose Estonia has always been on my radar, and the 2011 Yearbook reminded me of all the stories I had read and awakened my fascination.  They have endured remarkably through their trials!  

I'm so very excited to meet our brothers!  Only ten days until we leave!

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