Thursday, April 7, 2016

Memorials, Assemblies, & Goats

Well, we finally had our Imitate Jehovah assembly.  Barry had a soliloquy that made everybody giggle (he kept talking about his fictional wife named Mary).  He was awesome.

We had a lot of fun with the Memorial campaign.  That video was amazing!  It made a lot of people cry, which made me cry, and then everyone was crying!  

Barry met a goat in service.  An actual goat.  The goat was mad, and when Barry went inside the house the goat started ramming the door over and over.  It was crazy. He hit the door so hard he flew backwards.  I didn't think we would ever go back to that house, but at the assembly a sister on stage said she knocked at a door where an eccentric woman wanted to show her a pet squirrel.  The squirrel got loose, and they had to chase the squirrel down the street.  She almost didn't go back on that strange squirrel lady, but she did, and now she and many members of her family are studying!  So now we have to go back to the goat house.  😳

Our Memorial was beautiful!

After the April Broadcast we are highly anticipating our Regional Convention!  

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